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The Women of Banned Book Week

For today’s look at banned books I thought I would take a look at the women behind some of the most famous (and interesting) banned books. JK Rowling. Perhaps the reasoning behind her books is the most obvious. She wrote about witches and wizards. It doesn’t matter that the books have a clear theme of… Continue reading The Women of Banned Book Week

Book Reviews

Eleven Books that Redefine Happily Ever After

There are two ways every female driven romance ends: in marriage or the main character popping out babies. Since the days of Snow White, it is what society has deemed the only happily ever after that is worth having.  This prolific troupe of endings tells the reader “There is only one way to a happily… Continue reading Eleven Books that Redefine Happily Ever After

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Behind Creating Herstory’s Curtain

The most important thing about being a book blogger is getting books. If I actually purchased all of my books I would be broke. So, where do I get my books? If you have notice, I do a lot of book tours through Historical Fiction Book Tours. Amy Bruno does a wonderful job or organizing… Continue reading Behind Creating Herstory’s Curtain