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Interview with Chad Thumann

“The Underisables” is a fast paced World War 2 adventure. At times gut wrenching and laugh out loud funny. I recently had the opportunity to talk with Chad about his book, his research and dogs. In so many ways The Undesirables feels like a movie in my head when I was reading it. How does your… Continue reading Interview with Chad Thumann

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Creating Flawed Heroines, Guest Post by Julie K. Rose

If you have read Julie K.Rose’s book Dido’s Crown you’ll see she is a master at creating a flawed heroine that we can all love. So naturally, when I asked her to do a guest post for me I wanted it to be on this topic. *** Why do we write? Why do we read? Well,… Continue reading Creating Flawed Heroines, Guest Post by Julie K. Rose

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Reading Multiple Perspectives; What works?

As you have seen in my review of Monsoon Summer, the perspective changes killed my enjoyment of the book. After reading the story I even did an Instagram question of the day asking what other people thought about perspective changes. A Sense of Order: This is the big one for a lot of people. A friend… Continue reading Reading Multiple Perspectives; What works?

Book Reviews

Book Review: Monsoon Summer

Kit is a young nurse with very little experience who escapes to a family friend’s farm/boarding house for a rest after the war. Kit get’s involved in a charity that sends midwives and supplies to South India. While she is helping set up the charity Kit meets Anto, an Indian just finishing his medical training… Continue reading Book Review: Monsoon Summer


Creating Herstory: Interview with Jade, Award-Winning Illusionist

In honor of celebrating magic and illusion this week on Creating Herstory I was able to talk with the beautiful and talented Jade about what it’s like to be a woman in the magic industry. What made you want to be a magician? Unlike many magicians out there that started in magic as a hobby and,… Continue reading Creating Herstory: Interview with Jade, Award-Winning Illusionist