May Wrap Up and A New Plan Going Forward

It’s amazing how fast time goes by when you have your nose buried in edits. But the good news is that I got my book to a status where I can pitch it to agents AND it’s summer. So seriously, what is there for me to complain about?

Helping me pick up the slack I had some great guest posts about Oscar Wilde’s wife, Constance Wilde and a look at the Historic Settlement House Heroines.

I got to be a part of the gorgeous cover reveal for Blue, do a book review of The Magnificent Esme Wells and a Fierce Femme Friday on Lena Horne…and that was it.

I am currently shopping my book around for agents, producing a podcast, starting a new book, writing this blog, volunteering with the Women’s National Book Association, holding down a day job and having some semblance of a social life.

So of course, something is going to slip, and that slip up has unfortunately been this blog. And that isn’t fair to you, dear reader, nor is it fair to this blog because I love it and I hope you do too. Over the last three years, I have learned so much. When I started this I had a brief moment of worry that I might run out of things to write about…boy was that a silly thought.

Related image

The last thing I wanted to do was let this slide or go away because women’s stories and histories are important. Plus I am just so incredibly proud of what this has become.

So I decided that it was time for the blog to evolve. It’s something that I have been thinking on for a while and am incredibly excited for what’s going to be happening later this month.

The biggest change is going to be that I am going bringing on two additional contributors. I will be introducing them later this month but, just to tease, I am going to say that I am incredibly excited to have them join the Creating Herstory team (eek! How exciting that C.H. will now be a team!!). With them being here there will be more content, including reviews, women’s history articles, and consistent Fierce Femme Friday pieces.

Content-wise, Sunday Posts will be going away in exchange for Monthly RundownsMy Writing Journal is going to be changed to The Writer’s Corner which will consist of writing tips and tricks. Plus, Creating Herstory will be open to more guest posting opportunities and submissions from readers and writers! Way cool right?

Image result for pardon our dust gif


So pardon our dust as we make Creating Herstory a better place to enjoy books and history.






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