Book Review: The Magnificent Esme Wells

magnificentA girl’s father is her first love and in The Magnificent Esme Wells we find out what happens when that man continuously breaks his daughter’s heart. Told between pre-war Los Angeles/Hollywood and post-war Las Vegas through the eyes of feral Esme.

The Las Vegas timeline popped. You could see the glitz and glam of those early days. I wanted to take a shower after being exposed to the mafia grime. Perhaps it was because that timeline was so vivid that I felt the Los Angeles/Hollywood just didn’t have the same pull. The storyline of the failing actress wasn’t enough to make me as invested as I should have been.


Though it has it’s slow points, the book is great for someone who has an interest in Hollywood and Las Vegas history.

As a reader, you not only gain sympathy for Esme but also her parents. A wanna-be starlet and a gambling dreamer who rarely comes out on top. Two people who should not have been parents but you love them and hope that they can finally get their acts together.



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