Sunday Post No. 30

What does a book reviewer do to rebel? They pick up a book that isn’t on their review list. I know totally living on the wild side right? Yesterday morning, I couldn’t help myself. I pulled Little Fires Everywhere off my shelf because it has been in my TBR pile for months and I have been dying to read it.  And perhaps it was the rain or the coffee but I decided it was time to throw caution to the wind.


Coming up:

It’s Women’s History Month and for the rest of March because let’s face it, I was half asleep for all last week, we are celebrating what I am calling FIERCE FEMME MARCH  there are just too many fierce women to contain them all into Friday only features.

Starting tomorrow we’ll have a conversation between authors Rebecca Rosenburg and Victoria Kelly about Bess Houdini. I’ll be sharing my recommendation for historical fiction to read during women’s history month and we’ll take a look at Jessie Tessermann, a bold scientist from Southern California.

Wine, Women and Words:

The podcast is getting in the spirit of Women’s History Month with our book of the month, The Lost Season of Love and Snow by Jennifer Laam. We are also doing a giveaway! Head over this link to put in an entry.

Quote of The Week:

Image result for quotes by eartha kitt


The Sunday Post is brought to you by the Caffeinated Book Reviewer




  1. I live a reading life vicariously through you. I do vow to read during lunch every day, and that’s something, right? That Eartha Kitt quote really slowed me down and made me examine what barriers exist in my life – and how many of those are self-imposed.

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