Sunday Post No. 25, Boca De Oro Edition

Last year, our inaugural Boca de Oro was such a huge success.


So much so that I am coming back for round two, on March 3rd with a great new set of authors!

If you have been following me on Instagram or Twitter you will already have seen some of the authors but I thought I would list them here:

  1. Jennifer Laam will be joining us. In case you missed it, I reviewed the Lost Season of Love and Snow
  2. Authors, Joyce Gittlin and Janet B. Fattal, will be reading from their book, A Narrow Bridge.
  3. Holly Kammier, author of Choosing Hope.IMG_20180118_211515_305
  4. Christina Cigala, author of XX v XY.
  5. Heather Colleen Reinhardt, writer, blogger and speaker will be joining us with a reading.


In the coming days, you’ll be seeing more of these authors here on the blog with guest posts, as well as visits to the podcast and much more! So come back for more fun and be sure to join us on March 3rd in Downtown Santa Ana (specific location TBD) at Boca De Oro.


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