Fierce Femme Friday: Roza Shanina

In keeping with our Russian history week, (see my reviews of The Lost Season of Love and Snow and Daughters of the Night Sky) I bring to you what may be the fiercest Russian woman in history.

Roza Shanina was a Soviet Sniper that defined the word brave.

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After learning about the death of her brother at the siege of Leningrad, Roza signed up to serve her country and avenge her brother’s death. It took her a little bit of work but she managed to get accepted into the sniper training program where she showed a true talent.

Though her bravest moment may have been in June of 1944. The Soviet army decided to withdraw all of their female snipers from the front line. However, Roza and the other women in her sniper division defied orders and stayed. Roza continued to push refused to listen when people told her no. This led her to the front lines in many battles with or without permission from her commanders.

Image result for roza shaninaRoza died in January of 1945. She was seriously injured while using her body to shield another soldier. The Soviets tried desperately to save her but she died from her wounds. She was only 21. When all was said and done Roza had 59 confirmed kills.

It is also thanks to her that we know and have such a complete record of her WW2 adventures. She kept thick notebooks as diaries of her time in the war. Because of this her story and bravery will be preserved in history.

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