My Most Anticipated Books of 2018

It’s a new year which means I have a whole bunch of new book releases to anticipate getting my grubby little hands on…

1. Daughters of The Night Sky ( January 1) now technically I am currently reading this one, but I am still counting it. Beautifully written and full of adventure it’s an excellent way to kick off the New Year, literally because the women in this book kick some serious ass.

2. Lost Season of Love and Snow (January 2) I have been looking forward to this since Jennifer let it slip while visiting Wine, Women and Words (I’d like to credit our ace journalism but odds are it was the wine). Then I got a copy of the book with it’s beautiful cover and it has sat in my TBR pile tempting me to pick it up. Besides the gorgeous cover, I am a sucker for biographical historical fiction.

3. Next Year in Havana (February 6) The name alone conjures images of Caribbean beaches and rum cocktails. The premise for this beauty sounds so wistful and alluring and a MUST for your summer/spring break TBR lists. I already see myself floating in my pool with this book in hand.

4. The Phantom’s Apprentice  (February 6) Ok, before I get into the premise of this book can we just take a moment to gush over this cover:

It’s like when you look at a hot guy and are like yup, he’s gonna be trouble but oh so worth it. Intrigue, romance and THE Phantom of the Opera, its like a perfect storm for fangirling.

5. The English Wife  (January 9)  So, let me just say this, Lauren Willig could publish her grocery list and I would be like “Oh my God! I can’t wait to see what cheese she’s buying!” I have read a number of her books and love the next one even more than the last. This one promises to be just as intriguing as her other books.

6. The Girls in The Picture (January 16) I love classic Hollywood, I also love books that explore the complex relationships between women. Naturally, I am particularly interested in this gem about the friendship between Frances Marion and Mary Pickford. Friendships have their ups and downs but throw in the pressure cooker that is Hollywood and you are bound to get some delicious drama.

7.  Bachelor Girl (March 6) ok, so I am not a baseball fan however, I am a fan of historical scandals and of mysteries never quite solved. Based on a true story, in the midst of the jazz age, the owner of the Yankees bequests his entire fortune to an actress by the name of Helen Winthrope Weyant. But the question is why? What is her connection to this millionaire?

8. My Dear Hamilton (April 3) Alright, raise your hand if you are a Hamilton nerd.

I have been dying to get my hands on this book for ages. The Dray/Kamoie team knocked it out of the park with America’s First Daughter and I have a feeling they’ll be doing a repeat.

9. Love and Ruin (May 1) Paula Mclain is back with another look at the life and loves of Ernest Hemingway. The relationship between him and Martha Gellhorn has always been of interest to me. A tumultuous relationship between two highly ambitious people I can’t wait to get invested in another story about one of my favorite members of the lost generation.

10. Atomic City Girls (February 6) I love reading stories about America’s scientific past. A fan of the Astronaut Wives Club and Hidden Figures, this book is going to hit right in that same nostalgia vein. Two young women, June and Cici live and work in Oak Ridge, TN, the home of the infamous Manhattan Project. We follow them as they try to figure out what the government is up to and the aftermath of what humankind can be capable of.
What books are you looking forward to this year?



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