Top Ten Fierce Femme Fridays

Since I introduced Fierce Femme Friday back in June I have enjoyed learning and discovering new women in this weekly feature. So for the last Friday of 2017, I thought it would be fun to take a look at the most popular Fierce Femme Fridays of the year.

10.  Lise Meitner Lise was just an incredibly cool woman and a scientist. A total rule breaker she did her research in secret when women were banned from the laboratories.

9. Emma Goldman One of my new heroes, this anarchist was all about women’s rights. She was even arrested for distributing information on birth control.

8. The Schuyler Sisters  Seriously, who doesn’t love the brave Schuyler sisters? With or without a musical these women were strong in their own right.

7. Maryam Mirzakham  Can I just say how wonderful it is that there are two scientists on this list? I mean women in science rock, but it’s good to know that I am not the only one who thinks so. Maryam proved that not only could women do math, they could develop theories within the field.

6. Wonder Woman It’s no surprise that she is on this list and in this Fierce Femme Post we look at her history and how she became such an inspirational character.

5. Franca Viola Before the time of #metoo she stood up to an unjust system and won a happily ever after.

4.  Bessie Coleman Who needs Evil Kenival with this high flying female pilot who fought the system in order to be somebody?

3. May Alcott In this guest post from Elise Hooper we got to look at May Alcott a historical figure that is often overshadowed by her sister.

2.  Beatrice Perhaps one of Shakespeare’s best characters, I am so happy that she is second on this list.

And without further ado our most viewed Fierce Femme Friday:

1. Kate Warne In this interview with Geer Macallister we take a look at the dynamic life of Kate Warne.

So who am I going to have in the new year? Keep checking back to see what Fierce Femmes I discover.



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