Fierce Femme Friday: Rosie the Riveter

In continuation of my look at who Italian American’s can choose for a new American Icon is a woman we all know and love… Rosie the Riveter.

That’s right my friends, the famed American Icon is based on Rosie Bonavita. Rosie the Riveter is actually a compilation of multiple women by the name of Rose but our Italian American contribution to this Icon is worth taking note of.

The daughter of immigrants, Rosie worked at the General Motors Eastern Aircraft Division. Her task, along with her partner, was to drive rivets into the wings of the Grumman TBF Avenger Torpedo Bomber. Together in one night, they drilled 900 holes and drove in 3300 rivets… a world record.

What better icon than Rosie to remind us how important we are to American History?



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