My Favorite Reads of the Summer

As summer prepares to leave us and look back at gloriously warm carefree days I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to reflect on some of my favorite poolside reads.

To form this list I chose books that were read between May 1st and September 1st (when I officially began my fall reading).

  1. Shanghai Girls Lisa See was one of the authors I fully intended to read for ages because I knew I would enjoy her books, they are rated highly and we have a similar subject interest with our writing. I picked up Shanghai Girls on a very hot day at the LA Book Festival and immediately fell in love. This story of two sisters not only explored their relationship but also their journey to America. I was thrilled to see immigration and the history of Los Angeles through their eyes.
  2. Sister of Mine This gorgeously raw book that looked at the relationship between two sisters, one a slave, the other a white woman and slave owner. This book was so real and so beautiful in its exploration of the sisters’ experiences of life in the south during the Civil War era. The book made me want to have a nice big glass of sweet tea and sit on my patio to listen.
  3. Girl in Disguise This is the first of three books that Michele and I read on Wine, Women and Words over the summer. I just adored every minute of Kate’s adventures. It was a perfect wild summer ride. I mean who doesn’t like a book about a girl behaving badly for some mid summer fun?
  4. Dear Fang with Love This was another Wine, Women and Words book this beautiful book starts with a vacation, which is quintessential summer. This is a lovely coming of age story and the bond between a father and daughter.
  5. The Perfume Collector This is just a sweet book. As Grace searches for why she received a mysterious inheritance we see an excellent example of character growth. And it’s not to say that Grace is the only interesting character, there is hole cast of fascinating, eccentric characters that make you attached to this book.
  6. JUNE This is the quintessential summer book. It has romance, murder and the overall feel of summer in a small town. I loved everything about this book.
  7. The Alice Network Another fantastic audio book. This book had me sucked in early on. At first, I wasn’t fond of Charlie but she had such a wonderful character arch that by the end I was attached to her more than any other character.
  8. The Fortune Teller Our final Wine, Women and Words pick of the summer. It was a captivating thrill ride from beginning to end. As with anything Gwen writes, I can’t get enough. I devoured this book like a plate full of calorie free brownies.
  9. The Little Paris Book Shop I think Jean Perdu is one of my new favorite literary characters. This gorgeous book took us from Paris to the south of France as Perdu and his rag tag band of book lovers found themselves. This is a book that really spoke to the pain of love and loss and moving on.

What were some of your books of the summer?


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