Fierce Femme Friday: The Schuyler Sisters

Since we got to see the new cover for My dear Hamilton, I thought I would talk about some of my favorite historical sisters; Angelica, Eliza and Peggy.

Angelica, the charming social climber of the family she was friends with the likes of Thomas Jefferson  and Benjamin Franklin. In 1777 she met John Baker Church a brit who was an arms dealer supplying weapons to the American rebels. Angelica was so beloved that a whole town in NY was named after her.

Eliza, the second sister. Is most known for marrying Alexander Hamilton but she was a philanthropist that deserves recognition in her own right. After her husband’s death she opened the first orphanage. She also spent many years interviewing revolutionary war vets and recording history. It is in large part because of her that we are able to remember the contributions that Alexander made.

Peggy, who’s mostly forgotten in the musical was a bit of a bad ass in her own right.  Just like her two older sisters she was charming and a darling of the elite NY social circles.

However, unlike her sisters she was actually risked her life to save others. As the story goes, a group of  Native Americans working with the loyalists raided the family home when only the women were there. The family, including a very pregnant Eliza, ran upstairs to hide but they forgot their infant sibling downstairs. So Peggy ran down to him and ran into the Native Americans. They asked for her father and the other members of the family. She lied and told them they had gone to alert the town and would be back soon. The men ran away but not before throwing a tomahawk, barely missing her head as she ran upstairs.

These sisters were fierce and worthy if our admiration.


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