Books to Celebrate Sisters

There is no relationship like that between sisters. I’ve composed a list of books that explore all the different aspects of these complicated relationships.

  1. Weird Sisters Three daughters of a Shakespeare professor, they are all named after a character from one of the Bard’s plays. However, this where their similarities end but when they find their way to their parent’s home they each have to come to terms with their lives and each other. I loved how this book explored sibling rivalries and troubled family relationships against the back drop of Shakespeare.
  2. Sister of Mine Two sisters born on opposite sides of society, they must come to terms with each other and their stations in life. This beautiful book is complicated and gripping.
  3. The Sisters of Versailles. The bond between sisters is not always ideal such is the case of the Nesle sisters. Three out of the four sisters competed to be the mistress of King Louis XV. Filled with palace intrigue and plenty of drama this book is a great read.
  4. The Tumbling Turner Sister Thrust into the Vaudeville circuit the Turner sisters bond together through rough life on the road in the midst of the Great Depression. This lovely story explores the complicated and unbreakable bonds that can be crated.
  5. Promised to the Crown. Sometimes you don’t need to be related through blood to be sisters. During this fascinating chapter of Canadian history, we follow three women who find themselves in a strange land with only each other for support.
  6. Fangirl Sometimes even the closest of sisters grow apart. In this coming of age story by Rainbow Rowell we see the journey that sisters sometimes have to take in order to find themselves.
  7. Garden Spells The Waverly sisters have an unusual legacy to live up to. Claire has been living in her own little bubble while Sydney, who always had a rebellious streak finds herself and her daughter back in their childhood home with Claire having to start over. This book is as much about two women trying to find out who they are as it is about two sisters learning to accept each other.
  8. The Color Purple There is no amount of distance or lies that can keep two sisters separated from each other.  The Color Purple is the story of sisters who didn’t give up on each other who’s  love carried them through the hardest times of their lives.
  9. The Thirteenth Tale This mysterious story centers around the reclusive writer Vida and her history that she shares with a young bookstore clerk. As her story unravels we learn about her history that includes a complicated relationship with her sister. And that’s all I can tell you because anything I tell about the story will give it away.
  10. Shanghai Girls So I still plan on giving a review of this one. Two sisters escape from China on the brink of WWII. As we follow the sister’s progression through life in their new home of Los Angeles we see that some bonds can’t be broken.

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