Sunday Post No. 24

Today is national sisters day. The bond between sisters is complex. Sometimes they are your best friend and sometimes you just want to strangle them. I know this because I have a great sister. So this week will be dedicated to sisters both fictional and historical.


But before we get to that, let’s look at what was on the blog last week


Ruth Hull Chatlien stopped by to talk about her books and why telling the stories of such remarkable women are important. I also featured a spotlight on the General’s Women.

This Week on the Blog:

I’ll be reviewing Shanghai Girls and June (yes, that review will be finally coming), as well as looking at the 10 best books about sisters. Our Fierce Femme Friday will be about the Bronte Sisters.

What I am currently Reading:


I am currently doing double duty with my reading. Cassanova’s Secret Wife is such a compelling read. I’m only a chapter into the fortune teller and I am already in love.

What I am listening to:

I just finished the Alice Network, which was a beautiful book, perfectly narrated. I have moved on to the Phyne Fisher series. There’s nothing like a bit of 1920s murder mystery.

Quote of the Week:

Image result for quotes about sisters


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