Sunday Post No. 21

Summer is finally here so I am finding it extremely difficult to stay at my computer. Particularly when this is in your backyard:



All the more perfect for reading right?


Last Week on The Blog:

I was excited to take part of the book blast for the Fortune Teller. I love Gwendolyn Womack’s writing. I snuck a peak at the first page of this one and I had to stop otherwise I would read the whole book. A girl has got to pace herself.

There was also a spotlight on The Life and Deaths of Blanche Nero and Fierce Femme Friday explored the life of famed scientist Liese Meitner.

What I am Listening To:

Last week I blew through the Perfume Collector and then started The Bungalow, which I am not too sure about.

What I am Reading:

I am a little over halfway through Villa America. I can’t wait to review it and discuss Villa America. There will be so much to discuss!

New Books!

I just got this ARC in the mail this week. Though technically I am not supposed to review it until October (I was planning on bringing it with me on vacation) but it has me craving a bit of Christmas in July.


Next Week on the Blog:

Get your cocktails ready because next week will be a celebration of the Lost Generation. I’ll be posting a book review of Villa America and exploring some of the fascinating people that made this time period so unique.

Quote of the Week:

Related image

Now go enjoy the season!

Sunday post is brought to you by the Caffeinated Book Reviewer

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