Sunday Post

Sunday Post No. 20

Sunday PostIt’s been a hectic few weeks between celebrating Wine, Women and Words first anniversary and editing my book but I am pleased that I was able to get some great blog posts out.


Since my last, I have shared some fun posts. Here are a few highlights:

I had a wonderful conversation with Greer Macallister about her book Girl In Disguise and it’s kick ass heroine, Kate Warne.  I was also able to explore the suffragette roots of Wonder Woman with this week’s Fierce Femme Friday.

Summer is the season for mysteries and thrillers. In Mystery Novels for Your Summer Reading List, I shared some of my favorites. I also talked about what books are on my reading list for the summer.

Over At Wine, Women and Words:


As I mentioned above,  it’s the one year anniversary of our little old podcast. Can you believe it? It’s really been a year! In celebration of this, it’s been non-stop giveaways. In fact, right now we are giving away a copy of Seth Margolis’ book Presidents Day.  Enter now for your chance to win!

Currently Reading:

I am currently being swept away by Villa America. The lost generation really enjoyed summering in the south of France with Gerald and Sara Murphy. I can now see why.

Currently Listening to:

The Perfume CollectorI started listening to the Perfume Collector this week and am finding that I can’t stop listening to it. Such a compelling read, I am finding myself walking around the house with my phone in my pocket as I listen to the story.

I am also listening to Mischling. Which is incredibly moving but I think it’s not quite what I want to be listening to during the summer season. I apparently am a seasonal reader…




New Books!

20170609_235056-2I received two lovely new books. First was Lili De Jong. This intriguing book looks like it is going to be a heartbreaker. And a reminder of how much work we still need to do in regards to women’s rights.

I also received a copy of Seth Margolis’ latest book Presidents Day because reading a thriller written by Seth has become a summer tradition.




Coming up this week:

I will be reviewing the Life and Deaths of Blanche Nero as well as being a part of a very exciting book blast for the release of a much-anticipated book. Want to know what the book is? Well, you will just have to check back this week to see!

I am also looking for some inspiration for my Fierce Femme Friday feature. Do you have someone that you would like to nominate? Let me know.

Sunday Post is sponsored by the Caffeinated Book Reviewer. 


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