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Mystery Novels for Your Summer Reading List

There is something to be said for a hot summer day, a cold drink and a page-turning mystery to keep your mind off the heat.  These are some of my favorite summertime reads:

  1. The Semper Sonnet This thrilling story takes you on a whirlwind journey through Elizabethan past and present day New York to uncover a well-guarded secret fro the bard himself. Perfect for Shakespeare fans and the Davinci Code.
  2. The Memory Painter I love this book. An internationally famous artist can mysteriously paint the lives and memories of people from other times, people he never knew. A group of scientists are on the verge of a medical breakthrough for memory. This mystery spans multiple centuries and lives, it’s a gripping story that will sweep you away.
  3. In A Dark Dark Wood After reading this book, you’ll think twice about getting back in touch with that frenemy from high school. A weekend in a rented house for a bachelorette party in the middle of the woods turns out to be a nightmare all it’s own.
  4. Girl on the Train Reading this on the balcony of my resort as a tropical rain came down really helped set the mood. This psychological thriller is everything you need in a mystery, it’s creepy and it has you second guessing your theories at every turn.
  5. The Rook Imagine waking up and not knowing who you are or what you are. You then find out you are a spy for super secret administration a la x-files. This book is like falling down a rabbit hole of mystery and intrigue.
  6. The Night Circus. This beautiful book is a gothic tale of a mysterious circus that randomly appears in various towns. But why? And how are Celia and Marco connected to the circus and each other?

These are my favorite summertime mystery books. How about you? What are your favorites?


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