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Summer TBR List


Summer is a time for reading. It’s a time where I float in the pool and read chapters and sip on sangria. Or lounge with the dogs and a book in the shade. These books have been chosen for their ability to keep me in that summertime mood.

  1. June While mourning her grandmother’s death, Julie discovers that she is the named the sole beneficiary of Hollywood star Jack Montgomery. She has to find out why and how this guy knew her grandmother and fend off his daughters who are understandably upset over this.
  2. Girl in Disguise I am starting this one right away. Based on a real life 19th-century kickass female detective who BTW also disguised herself as a guy to fight in the Civil War. I sat down during my lunch break to write this post yesterday but was like well let me get one chapter in first…which led to two chapters…then three. Greer McAllister has a knack for sucking people into her stories.
  3. Southland Because nothing says summer like a book about a gritty inner city.
  4. The Life and Deaths of Blanche Nero Summer isn’t summer until I have read at least one mystery. In this story, Blanche is haunted by witnessing her father’s execution. After she meets Lorenzo Ludovici, they realize they have a lot in common and must piece together the mysterious pieces of their and Blanche’s father’s lives.
  5. The Zookeeper’s Wife This book has been on my shelf for a while now. Based on the true story about a husband and wife who hide people in their zoo during the Nazi invasion.
  6. Villa America I am slightly obsessed with the Lost Generation. Ok, I take that back, I am very obsessed with the Lost Generation and their ex-pat lifestyle. Anyone who was anyone spent some time in the Riviera Villa of Sara and Gerald Murphy. I can’t wait to get into their minds and see some of my favorite people through their eyes.
  7. The Fortune Teller. I loved The Memory Painter. It kept me up all night as I devoured it. I am itching to get to this book.
  8. Casanova’s Secret Wife For starters, any story that involves Casanova is going to tantalizing. Secondly, I will forever picture David Tenant as Casanova so this is going to be good. This time we get to Casanova through the eyes of his wife…
  9. Mata Hari’s Last Dance. To be honest I have been intrigued by Mata Hari since the Charmed episode where Phoebe channels Mata Hari’s ghost. I am excited to learn more about this dangerous and intriguing woman.
  10. The Bungalow. Being as into the Tiki culture as I am, I felt it necessary to search out more books set in Polynesia. This one is right in my wheelhouse. It’s 1942 and 21 year old Anne Calloway finds herself stationed in Bora Bora. There she falls in love with a fellow soldier, Westry but of course, this is WWII and nothing good is meant to last.

What books are on your Summer reading list?


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