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Book Review: The Bishop’s Girl

The Bishop’s GirlFrom Goodreads:

Jess is a researcher on a quest to give the one-hundred-year-old skeleton, discovered in the exhumed grave of a prominent bishop, an identity. But she’s not sure of her own – her career is stalling, her marriage is failing. She doesn’t want to spend hours in the archives, rifling through dusty papers in an endless search for a name. And when a young man named Hayden makes clear his interest in her, Jess has to decide what is most important to her.


My Thoughts:

This is a book for people who love historical research. The mystery is compelling but it’s the digging journey that is so juicy that kept me turning the page. It’s funny because it is usually the what happened that keeps the reader in but Rebecca Burns did such a good job at making the procedural interesting. Who knew digging through archives was so fascinating?

Another refreshing aspect of this book is our protagonist. Jess’ personal life is a hot mess. We get to see the mess of her personal life as she searches for answers to the mysterious remains. I love a character who doesn’t have her act together and furthermore, Jess is older with teenage children. These two factors combined make for a complex character.

If you are looking for a mystery to get lost in for the summer this a book for you.


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