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Book Review: The Irish Tempest

32080433Set against the backdrop of the struggle for Irish independence, the Irish Tempest follows Lacey and Courtland from two families; the O’Rourke and de la Roche families. Courtland and Lacey don’t like each other at first but eventually, they fall in love.

I read this book because I was interested in the Irish rebellion. I don’t know much about this history so I was curious. Unfortunately, this story didn’t work for me. I found myself repeatedly going back trying to keep the characters straight. Likewise, the pacing was slow and couldn’t hold my attention.

I feel like this may be one of those it’s not you, it’s me, situations. Sometimes a book really isn’t for you as much as you would like it to be and maybe when it comes to history, there are certain time periods that just aren’t my thing. I recently tried watching Rebellion on Netflix that deals with the same historical time period and I found myself dozing off during that television show.


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