Sunday Post No. 19

Sunday PostWhat a busy week it’s been! In between all of my blog posts, I have been madly making edits to my book. Perhaps one day I will finish. I may be eighty by the time that comes but by George I will get it done.

Last Week on the Blog:

I had the pleasure of Interviewing Jenni L. Walsh this week about her book, Becoming Bonnie.

Fierce Femme Friday made its official debut! This weekly feature will be different from my Creating Herstory Features in that it will feature not only historic women but fictional women and real world women doing inspiring things today. For my premiere article, I chose to feature Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Likewise, there will also be a link up so that you can join in.

Currently Reading:

I finished Shanghai Girls around one in the morning yesterday, because I totally know how to party on a Friday night. While I was at the Women’s National Book Association Tea I was introduced to Dear Fang With Love. After listening to Rufi I couldn’t resist. I had to pick up a copy.


Currently Listening to:

Sister of Mine: A NovelA finalist for the 2017 APA Audie Awards, Sister of Mine is a compelling audiobook that has sucked me in. It’s not enough for me to listen to on the car ride home from work, I have had it on while doing the dishes and housework.





New Books: 

No new books this week. I have to catch up on the books that I already have. Without my bookcase being finished my TBR read pile is feeling pretty intimidating.

Next Week on the Blog:

I have a pretty ambitious week planned.  I’ll be talking about the latest adaptation of Anne of Green Gables that hit Netflix on Friday, Anne with an E. I also be sharing my love of Audiobooks and sharing a few book reviews. Do you have a Fierce Femme that you would like to nominate? Shoot me a message and I will feature her.

Quote of the Week:

In honor of mother’s day, today’s quote comes from actress and writer Nia Vardolos:

Related image


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