Fierce Femme Friday

Introducing Fierce Femme Friday


Fierce: having or displaying an intense or ferocious aggressiveness.

I like to use the phrase Fierce Woman or Fierce Femme to describe really fantastic women literature, history, and life in general.

During the Last Historical Fix twitter chat, Erin Lindsay McCabe brought up the term Fierce Woman when talking about Vengeance Road and Wolf by Wolf

It made me think, this would be a great feature for the blog. There are so many wonderfully fierce women in this world that need to be recognized. Whether they are a historical figure, a celebrity, a literary character or a normal woman.

Image result for doctor who no one is not important

So, what’s the plan? Starting next week I will be featuring my fierce woman of the week and posting a linky where you can share your fierce woman of the week this way we can all share those women that inspire us.



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