Sunday Post

Sunday Post No. 17

Well, this is a Sunday-ish post it has not been a lazy weekend, not by a long shot.

As you noticed I did not finish April A to Z yet again but in my defense, I have way too many exciting things happening. Some that I can share now and others you’ll just have to wait for.

The last few weekends have been wonderfully bookish and busy. We were also able to explore our love of all things tiki with an LA tiki tour stopping at Tonga Hut, Pacific Seas, Clifton’s Cafeteria and Tiki Ti. All historic locations in Los Angeles.


I also got to attend my first Women’s Book Association tea but more on that later.

Currently Reading:

Becoming BonnieI have been loving this book! From the first page, Jenni has a clear and strong voice that just smacks you in the face (I love it when books do that, don’t you?). I am currently loving everything about this book and can’t wait to have Jenni on the blog to talk about it.



Currently Listening to:

15989430I have a ridiculous commute and Audio books seem to be the only thing that keeps me sane in Los Angeles traffic. With the premier of the television show adaptation on Hulu, I had to read the book. I wanted to finish before the show started but I am still working through book. It’s intense and Claire Danes is a fantastic narrator. Plus listening to Margaret Atwood’s writing is a lot like eating a good desert. Her descriptions are so rich.

New Books!

I feel like I have doubled my library over the course of the week. First I came back from the LA Times Book Festival with these Beauties:



Then I came home and got this lovely book mail:



You’d think that would be enough, especially since my bookcase is nowhere near being finished and my To-Be-Read pile is literally a pile of books in my office. But I went to a tea party with the Women’s National Book Association of Los Angeles and fell in love with two other books and I just couldn’t resist. I suppose it doesn’t help when the authors do a lovely reading of their work followed by quite an interesting Q&A.


You can’t really see it in the picture but the lower book is called Southland and the prologue alone is spellbinding.



Coming up this Week:

Now that April A to Z is over its time to return to my regularly scheduled programming. This week I will be reviewing the Irish Tempest and Dangerous to Know.

Quote of the Week:

Image result for margaret atwood if i waited for perfection


The Sunday post is brought to you by The Caffeinated Book Reviewer.


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