Book Review: The Tumbling Turner Sisters

The Tumbling Turner SistersLife is full of good and bad, all mixed up together.

When I picked up The Tumbling Turner Sisters I expected a story solely about sisters who happened to perform in Vaudeville. However, I was pleasantly surprised by how encompassing it was of vaudeville life in the 1920’s.

Through Gert and Winnie’s perspectives, we watch these sisters as they come of age, along with the ups and downs of life in Vaudeville for the four sisters and their stage mom.

Juliette gives a diverse sampling of characters from almost every walk of life during the decade. From the Jewish comedians passing off as a Swedish comedy act to Tipety Tap Jones, a black performer during a time of segregation. Even though these characters were passing through they were well rounded. Some of the characters returned, some didn’t. Thankfully my favorite, Tip, came back. I loved the relationship between him and Gert. It was heartbreaking and tender as they tried to traverse the pressures of society.

The relationship between the sisters was heart warming and at times tense but there was the realistic bond. I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in Vaudeville and 1920’s history.



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