Sunday Post

Sunday Post No. 16

Sunday PostIt feels like summer has finally arrived is So Cal. I say finally but really it has been cold and rainy for only a few months, which to a Californian is a lifetime! If you follow me on instagram you’ll see that I set up a lovely outdoor working space.  Today was a high of 95! All next week is set to be gorgeous as well. Summer is my favorite reading time.

Last Week on The Blog:

So I had a plan for the blog this week, however, but then I remembered that March 8th was International Woman’s Day, so everything changed. But that’s alright if life always went the way we planned for it to go it would be quite boring.

I got back into the swing of things last week I explored the concept of likeability in characters and suggested 10 books to read for International Women’s day.

Currently Reading:

Our book of the month for Wine, Women and Words is Good Girls Revolt by Lynn Povich. I’m also reading The Irish Tempest and am listening to Confessions of Catherine de Medici on Audible.

Coming up Next Week:

Well, that book review of the Tumbling Turner Sisters I was planning on for last week will be going up along with a book review of the Irish Tempest and a giveaway! So be sure to check back!

Quote of The Week:

In honor of International Women’s Day:

Image result for women's rights quotes



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