Sunday Post

Sunday Post No. 15

Boca de Oro happened yesterday. It was a wonderful event and I am so thankful to the authors who were able to join me. Pick up their books if you haven’t done so yet!

Left to Right: Julie K. Rose, Diana Giovinazzo Tierney, Chad Thumann, Erin Lindsay McCabe, D.Helene and V.E. Ulett

Now that Boca de Oro 2017 is over, it’s time to focus on what’s next…like next year’s festival.

Coming Up This Week:

During the discussion section of Her Space at Boca de Oro one of our audience members asked if our authors consider likeability of characters is in the back of authors minds when they create a character. This concept has been on my mind ever since I read Girl on the Train, so we’ll be exploring this idea this week.

I’ll also be reviewing The Tumbling Turner Sisters and a bio on Eva Tanguay.

New Books!

20170305_193003-01.jpegJust in time for St. Patrick’s Day I will be reading The Irish Tempest. I also received War, Spies and Bobby Socks to help feed my short story obsession.

Quote of The Week:

Image result for toni morrison quotes

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