Sunday Post No. 13

Sunday Post

Yesterday, even though I was unable to march (I had a board meeting), I was able to go outside and cheer on those that could march. It was incredible, over five thousand people just in Santa Ana, California! The river of people just kept flowing through the streets. I was honored to be able to watch it and even more honored to know so many women who took part in all the different walks.



Last Week On the Blog:

Last week was all about magic and illusion with a spotlight on Illusions of Magic and my interview with Jade

Boca de Oro News:

wp-1485113075973.jpgSo many wonderful things are happening with this festival! As I mentioned last week Erin Lindsay McCabe will be joining us with her beautiful book, I Shall be Near to you.

Also, I was able to share the fabulous news that Chad Thumann, author of The Undesirables will be joining us. The lineup so far:

Julie K.Rose, author of Dido’s Crown

V.E. Ulett, author of Golden Dragon

Erin Lindsay McCabe, author of I Shall be Near to You

Chad Thumann, author of The Undesirables

Wine, Women, and Words News:

Our book of the month at Wine, Women, and Words is Dido’s Crown. Thursday we will be joined by the awesome Julie K. Rose to drink wine and talk about her book. Tune in, it’s going to be a great time.

Book Haul:

There are certain places I know I shouldn’t walk into. Like a place advertising free puppies. Tea shops. The book section at Target…


The Tumbling Turner Sisters has been on my t0-read list forever…now it can join my TBR pile. The book of Speculation just looked really interesting. I have a fascination with the turn of the century freak shows, carnivals and circuses.

I also picked up my April read for Wine, Women, and Words because a girl needs to be prepared.


Coming Up This Week:

There are a few things happening this week. I’ll be reviewing Monsoon Summer, putting an entry into my writing journal and a Creating Herstory.

Quote of the Week:

Image result for quotes from female activists




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