Sunday Post No. 12

Sunday PostWe are getting closer Boca De Oro Literary Festival which means it has been insanely busy. However, I have been able to fit some writing (and editing) into my busy schedule.

Previously on The Blog:

If you missed my announcement about Boca De Oro please feel free to take a look. As an update from that post, Erin Lindsay McCabe, author of I Shall be Near to You, has confirmed that she will be joining us. If you are in the Santa Ana area you aren’t going to want to miss this.

I also reviewed the wonderful book The Forgotten Room.

New Books and Currently Reading:

I am excited to be able to get my hands on V.E. Ulett’s book. I enjoy the occasional steampunk. Who doesn’t love a fun alternate history? This one is especially interesting since we start our story in Iran as opposed London where so many of these stories seem to take place.

I technically started reading this even before I got the book if you count the first chapter from the sample on Amazon.


Coming up this week:

It’s magic week at Creating Herstory. We are going have lots of fun features, including an interview, a book spotlight and more! So be sure to check back.

Quote of The Week:

This week’s quote is brought to you by the amazing woman that stood beside Martin Luther King, Jr.

Image result for Coretta scott king quotes



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