Boca De Oro Literary Festival

For the last few months, I have been working on a little project in the city of Santa Ana and I am very excited that today I get to share it with all of you!

didos-crown-1On March 4th I will be hosting “Herstory” at the Boca De Oro Literary Festival . Herstory will be a place to celebrate and explore women in history. We will have readings, discussions, raffles, art, food and of course wine!
My first author is going to be Julie K. Rose. She will be reading from her amazing book Dido’s Crown If you haven’t read it yet not a problem, it’s the book of the month at Wine, Women and Words

Also joining us is V.E. Ulett, author of Golden Dragon, will be joining us for a discussion on how women are portrayed in literature. golden-dragon

So stay tuned. In the coming weeks I will be sharing more information on the festival and other wonderful things from our authors! And maybe, if you are lucky, I might share some of what I have been working on with Anita…

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