Sunday Post No. 11

Sunday PostToday has been primarily about recovering from yesterday’s convention. There is nothing like a movie marathon (Halloween movies in this case) and a good cuddle on the couch to get rid of Con-hangover.

Last Week:

It was all about the biographies, On Monday I posted a biography on the dynamic Elizabeth Hamilton and then later in the week I took a serious look at the Salem Witch Trials.

Currently Reading:20161030_184154.jpg

I am trying to start No Pity for the Dead. This really hasn’t been a weekend that allowed for extended amounts of reading time. It’s frustrating, though, because I can’t wait to dig into it. I love California history, particularly in the late 1800’s but can’t seem to find many books on the topic.

New Books:

None this week.

Coming Up This Week:

It’s Nanowrimo time!! I am looking forward to digging into my November project. This week I will be sharing that with you along with a couple of book reviews.

Quote of the Week:

I leave you this week with these wise words from Anne Rice:





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