Sunday Post No.10

This week not much happened on the blog because my writing was focused on editing the book. With Nanowrimo coming up I feel the pressure to finish this round of editing so that I can start Nanowrimo with a clean slate. I, however, did manage to remodel my study. It’s a room that I have wanted to do for well over a year, ever since we moved in, really. Part of it was money. Something else always took precedence. Then it was knowing what I wanted to do. That in and of itself took a good six months to figure out and really, it wasn’t until this weekend when talking to a friend that I got the true final goal for the room. So here are some pictures of what I did:


The table is actually a vintage sewing table and below is a portable writing desk made by my friends at Anarque Woods.


Now I might consider this my personal reading corner but the reality is that the dogs have claimed the comfiest spot in the room as their own.



My writing space. I am so excited about the way this room looks. There are a few more things that we want to do as time goes on but for now, this space is exactly what I need for all my creative endeavors.

Last Week:

A number of people in the Italian community are resistant to the idea of Columbus Day changing in an article entitled Why are Italians so attached to Columbus Day?

Currently Reading:

The Wine Women Words book of the month is The Woman in Cabin 10 so I am reading that along with Michele. In addition to that, I discovered a compelling mystery called Daughters of Red Hill Hall that has thoroughly sucked me in.

New Books:


My step mother in law loaned me this book along with giving my two pomegranates from her tree.

Coming Up This Week:

I have a few articles planned, one is looking at the idea of “liking” characters in a book. The other, if I can get the necessary research in time is on the new law in California governing autograph signings and how they will affect authors. (Yay for being able to use my legal background for my writing!) So stay tuned for some fun surprises!

Quote of the Week:

I am so inspired by the work that Emma Watson is doing at the UN. I thought this week I would share one of her quotes with you.

Image result for emma watson quotes

The Sunday Post is brought to you by the Caffeinated Book Reviewer.


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