Book Review: Secret Language of Stones

Back in July I did a spotlight on Secret Language of Stones. I typically do these spotlights when I don’t like the book or I didn’t have time to get to it by the time I was supposed to read it. In the case of this book, I didn’t like it.

I want to like M.J.’s books. I love her voice and the premise of the books within this series are intriguing enough for me to keep picking them up. However, where I end up getting thrown off the tracks is with the plot.

02_The Secret Language of StonesSet during World War I Paris, Opaline works in a jewelry shop where she specializes in creating charms for women who lost someone in the war. Only, a charm that is meant for someone else becomes attached to her. In addition to this Opaline gets caught up in Russian Monarchy political intrigue.

For me it felt like the plot was too busy. That if it was streamlined into one plot, preferably the charms portion of the plot. The political intrigue portion felt forced while the charms/supernatural portion ended up suffering for it. If it were developed and honed it could have been this wonderful story dealing with love and loss during such a brutal and painful war. Unfortunately, this just fell flat for me.



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