The Women of Banned Book Week

For today’s look at banned books I thought I would take a look at the women behind some of the most famous (and interesting) banned books.

  1. JK Rowling. Perhaps the reasoning behind her books is the most obvious. She wrote about witches and wizards. It doesn’t matter that the books have a clear theme of there being a right and wrong or that friendship is  something to be valued.
  2. Alice Walker. Her story,the Color Purple, was banned because of sexual content, it is perceived as being racist along with inappropriate content. The Truth is that the Color Purple is gritty depiction of what life was like for two black women in the 1960’s. Its a story of strength and the bond of sisters.
  3. Toni Morrison. She has a hypnotic way of writing. However, her stories have been ban for their depiction of slavery because our country hates to be reminded of it’s dirty history.
  4. Judy Blume. According to a number of people teenagers are supposed to be innocent. They aren’t supposed to experience anything outside of their protective bubble let alone read about other teenagers like them who may experience something similar…
  5. Harper Lee. Who knew that one of the most iconic books that deals with racism and preconceptions could be banned for….wait for it…institutionalized racism.
  6. Katherin Paterson. Bridge to Terabithea is a touching and at points gut wrenching story of friendship. The reasons why it was banned besides it dealing with magic which we all know leads to H E double hockey sticks, but it also deals with death. So many children deal with loss and they need to be able to see healthy ways of dealing with grief.

What are some of the other female authors that you enjoy from the banned book list?



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