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Book Review: Twain’s End

twains-endSometimes seeing behind the veil of celebrity is not all that it’s cracked up to be. When we meet our celebrity heroes we find that they are flawed humans just like us (or worse). It can either turn us into bigger fans or turn us from them forever.

In Twain’s End we are given the opportunity to see beyond the carefully crafted facade put forth by the Clemens family. This isn’t just the story behind the larger than life writer Mark Twain. It’s the story of the complicated relationship between Samuel Clemens and his personal secretary, Isabel V. Lyon.

Up until recently Isabel’s story hasn’t been told. It was believed that she was just the unscrupulous secretary For Samuel Clemens. Twain’s End utilizes recently uncovered evidence that allows Isabel’s side of the story to be told.

The book itself is a slow burn. It starts off slowly building the foundation for their relationship before the vice slowly tightened. Before I knew it was gripped with worry about how it was all going to go down between The Clemens and Isabel.

Lynn Cullen did an excellent job of making history come alive. The characters were well developed that fit in well with the historical narrative. It’s definitely worth a read for anyone (like me) who likes to get learn about historical controversies. Grab a good cup of tea because this is a juicy one…


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