Sunday Post #7

Sunday PostThis week has been a productive writing week for me. I owe it to the fact that I am officially creating my own writing space. I have been talking about turning our spare room into an office since we moved in but have yet to get around to it for one reason or another, I haven’t finished refurbishing the book case, our windows are so old that it makes it to hot to work in there (the room gets direct sun in the afternoon), the excuses went on and on. However, just before we went on vacation we got new windows. It’s amazing how much new windows can really improve the fee of a room. These ones happen to be double pained and insulated. So, no more excuses. The room is officially a priority.

I believe the girls agree with me. I haven’t even finished getting my yarn stash sorted and IMG_0333the girls have already called one particular spot home.

Leave it to dachshunds to hog the one really sunny spot. Anyway, I am happy to have an official writing space. It’s not even finished and I have already seen my productivity increase. Check out Strahbary’s Fields, I’ll be posting remodeling updates there as I go along.


Last Week:

In addition to posting a review of The Last Relicuin, I posted my argument for why we can’t always give our characters happy endings in The Case for Tragedy. However, most importantly; Wine, Women, and Words is back! And better than ever, might I add.You can subscribe to us on Youtube or follow us on Facebook. Watching Michele and I talk about books has never been easier.

New Books:

Well, they are semi new. You see I set these books down in the spare room then forgot about them. Then when I opened the room I was like Oh new books!  So they are new all over again.


I’ve got some research for this year’s Nanowrimo that I need to delve into. I have already started reading The Painted Girls and so far it’s quite lovely. And that cover! I don’t fall in love with book covers very often but this one has stolen my heart.

Coming up this Week:

I’ll be posting my official review of The Secret Language of Stones. During the book tour I only did a spotlight during the tour but I think it’s time I come back to the book and give my review. I’ll also be talking about some of this research and prep that I am doing for this year’s Nanowrimo because let’s face it. It’s never to early to get your ducks in a row for November.

Over at Wine, Women and Words we are reading the Semper Sonnet. I am excited that Michele loves it just as much (if not more) as I do. If you have been meaning to read the book now is a brilliant time to pick it up. We are also taking the month to celebrate all things Shakespeare! So you fangirls and fanguys of the bard come check it out!

Quote of the Week:

I am still in shock over the loss of Gene Wilder. He was my comedic idol. No one could portray logical craziness like he could. So today’s quote is my favorite line from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory:

Image result for gene wilder quotes willy wonka



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