My writing Journal

Behind Creating Herstory’s Curtain

The most important thing about being a book blogger is getting books. If I actually purchased all of my books I would be broke. So, where do I get my books? If you have notice, I do a lot of book tours through Historical Fiction Book Tours. Amy Bruno does a wonderful job or organizing the tours, giving all of us bloggers our choice of books.

In addition to this, I am a member of Netgalley. Through  Negalley I request a title that I like and it’s up to the publisher whether or not I am approved to read the book. Though my approval to reading percentage isn’t what I want it to be at present I am working on getting it back up there.

Another program I utilize is Blogging for Books. It’s a self-explanatory program. They give you a book, then you blog about it. Once you’ve blogged about the requested book you can get another.

When all else fails I make a trip to my local library. This allows me to have a healthy budget for research books.

Managing a blog requires a certain degree of organization, because of this I have fallen down the bullet journal rabbit hole.
This binder has become my writing bible. In it I have my calendar, my ideas, grammar references, a chart tracking the agents I have pitched and tasks. When it comes to calendaring my future blog posts I use the motto that has saved my butt as a paralegal, “Calendaring is more important than breathing.”



Of course, I wouldn’t be able to do any writing at all what so ever without a good cup of tea. My preferred types are Earl Grey or Chai if I am writing in the morning. Chamomile or a nice fruity decaf if I am writing in the evening.

Image result for Doctor who gifs about tea

So what accessories, techniques or other goodies can you not live without for your blog?


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