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Book Review: The Last Relicuin


I am so excited to be a part of this blog tour. I have been looking forward to writing a review about this book.04_The Last Relicuin_Blog Tour Banner_FINAL

How many of us history nerds would love to live in a museum? To have the opportunity to relive our favorite historical time period…

In the Last Relicuin people have that opportunity they can choose between life as a museum dweller or have all the comforts of modern life in the “Main Stream.” But for the Kane family, choosing history comes at a price.02_The Last Relicuin

I love concept of this book. Being a history nerd I immediately began to fantasize about what time periods I would live in The Victorian Age? Hollywood in the 1920’s, or 30’s? My head is already spinning…

The story feels like a sci-fi version of Steinbeck’s East of Eden with it’s sweeping family saga. It has a slow build but stick with it, it’s worth the pay out. Montgomery puts a lot of time into world building which makes the story vivid. The mystery of the story rises and falls, just when you think the story is going to mellow out, there is another twist to keep you going.



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