Packing for Vacation (Bookworm Style)

For many people they stress about what clothes they pack. Did I pack enough underwear?  They stress about things like sunscreen and bug repellant Do I have enough spf/deet?  However, for me, I stress out about how many books I have loaded on my kindle.

You think I kid. When we went to Costa Rica I read on average a book a day. On that trip I had initially only loaded 2 books. Thinking that it would be like when we went to Peru and  had no time to read. I kept having to go to our resort’s lobby to download more books! In planning this trip my number one priority in choosing our hotel was “Do they have pretty grounds. I like nice scenery when I read.” Ryan laughed at me, swearing I was the only person in the world who like to go to exotic place just to read.

When I was looking up information about my trip I discovered the airline said I was allowed to bring a “reasonable amount of reading material.” Immediately I texted Michele and asked “What constitutes reasonable?”

She of course responded “I think a library is perfectly reasonable.”

So what’s coming with me to Fiji?

  1. Madame Presidentess. By Nicole Evans. The story of the very first woman to run for president of the United States back in 1872. Very timely, wouldn’t you say? I will be reviewing it after I get back AND Niolce Evans will be stopping by the blog.
  2. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child because like everyone else in the free world I must read this book. Also, its our August pick for Wine Women Words. So you know I have a vested interest.
  3. Time and Regret by M.K. Todd Every vacation, in my opinion, needs a whistful drama filled with family secrets. This is one of them.
  4. The Girl on the Train. Picture this: tropical rains, a warm breeze and a creepy thriller to keep you cool. Doesn’t that sound awesome? After our last podcast Michele talked me into giving the Girl on the Train a go. It sounds like a thrilling mystery.
  5. Vinegar Girl. I am actually reading this one right now. I modern take on the Shakespeare classic Taming of a Shrew. So far I have been pleasantly entertained.
  6. The Ninja’s Daughter. I think every trip needs just one paperback. You know for when there are no electronics allowed to be on on the plane. Or when you are sitting in a hammock on the beach after a vigorous snorkeling session. This compelling murder mystery in 1565 Japan is just the book for that.

So who said you can’t pack a library for your vacation? Be sure to check back in this week though. My friend Eli over at Coach Daddy will be coming by to talk about how he gets his daughters interested in History.


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