Sunday Post #4

Sunday PostIt’s been a hectic week over here. You know, those weeks where work is so hectic that all you want to do is binge watch Ms. Fischer’s Murder Mysteries.

New Books

IMG_0113 I think I am the most excited about the Last Relicuin. I’ll be reviewing that one at the end of August. It looks like a really cool dystopian/historical fiction.

The Ninja’s Daughter is fascinating and a mystery. This is definitely a candidate for the vacation.

The Munich Girl is all about family secrets which is totally up my literary ally.

Around the Internet:

My friend started selling nail wraps from Jamberry and I have been obsessed with them. Because frankly every writer needs pretty no fuss nails.

My other obsession as of late has been all about Gay’s Lion Farm.  It’s a little bit of unknown California history .

This Week on the Blog:

This week I will be featuring a bio and a book review (the Secret Language of Stones)

Sunday Post, is brought to us by the Caffeinated Book Reviewer.



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