Book Review: The Semper Sonnet

Semper SonnetA poem isn’t dangerous right? Unless your poem contains a secret message about an centuries old mystery. Lee Nicholson thought she had discovered a long lost Shakespeare Sonnet that would make her career. Only it creates a world trouble that leaves a string of dead bodies in it’s wake. There is only one thing Lee can do, find out what is hidden in the Sonnet.

My thoughts:

I loved this book. It had that Davinci Code like feel, only the characters were better and I could believe the history laced into the story. The premise is very believable.  Lee is the kind of strong willed heroine that I crave in contemporary fiction. You know the kind that doesn’t go running in fear and into the arms of the handsome leading man. She’s tough, straight forward and really kicks ass. Plus, she is an Elizabethan scholar! Which is my #11 fantasy career.

The plot is chuck full of twists and turns. For every question Lee was able to answer, three more came up.  I got so sucked into the story that I lost track of time and wound up with a totally weird sunburn. The story delves back and forth between the present time and Elizabethan England. The two perspectives mesh well, we get the back story and some of the answers through the personal diary of Elizabeth’s private physician.

The book is a fantastic romp perfect for the beach/pool….just make sure you use the proper amount of sun screen.



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