Sunday Post #3

Sunday PostThis has been a week full of edits, more edits and then some edits again. So I am feeling a bit drained. So I have been doing everything but write, including playing Pokemon Go like an addict.

Last Week on the Blog:

With all the edits, it was a light week. I reviewed The Memory Painter

New Books!

IMG_0091At the end of the month I will be review The Secret Language of Stones. I am so thrilled to be reading this book, it’s so very mysterious.

The Gap of Time is another Shakespeare retelling. This one, takes it’s inspiration from A Winter’s Tale.

I love coloring. It gives me the opportunity to be creative and not have to think to much, like a warm up before a good work out.

Coming up This Week:

I will be reviewing Semper Sonnet and getting another biography out there. Over at Wine Women and Words we will be chatting with author Erin Lindsey McCabe discussing Fierce Women in Literature.

Quote of The Week:

Because I am watching the Season 2 finale of Outlander,

diana g



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