Sunday Post

Sunday Post #2

Sunday PostIt’s always nice when the weekend ends on a high note. Like spending the day at the Orange County Zoo with the 501st.

Now that it’s Sunday it’s time to rest up, read up and float in the pool.

Last Week on the Blog:

I listed off my favorite book recommendations for summer on my 5 Must Have Books for the Summer and reviewed A Fine Imitation

Around the Internet:

I have been obsessed with travel planning because frankly my vacation can’t come soon enough. I loved this blog post from The Maker’s Society about what to pack on a carry-on for a long flight.

I have also been reading just about every zucchini noodle recipe on pinterest. In search of my favorite go to dinner recipe. Maybe next week I will have one to share.

New Books:


I received The Memory Painter this week through Historical Fiction Book Tours. I have been looking forward to reading this one. It’s going to be another Summer Thriller and there is time travel. How can I not love that??

During World War 2 approximately 3,000 Italians were imprisoned as “Enemy Aliens” simply because they shared the same nationality as the enemy. During Nanowrimo I wrote about a family that got caught up with this. In preparation for this year’s Nanowrimo I will be doing some research so that I can rewrite my story.

Coming up this week:

To be honest, I don’t have a lot planned. We are getting new air conditioning installed (YAY!) at the house so I won’t be able to sit in front of my computer for very long. When I am in front of the computer I have to work on some edits for my book Woman in Red. I will be posting a review of the Fall of Poppies which I have been meaning to do forever.

Quote of the Week:

Because it happens to be a Star Wars weekend, I will leave you with these wise words



One thought on “Sunday Post #2

  1. Re: Alien Enemies. Ah the perils of war and men with stinking thinking. :/

    Making the rounds to say hello. I saw you over at Eli’s. 🙂


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