5 Must Have Books for the Season

I love summertime reading. There is something magical about reading under the shade of a tree. Floating in a pool with a book is almost meditative. And I always bring a book with me on vacation. The husband laughs because I am the only person he knows who gets excited about going to a new place, just to read. However, not just any book makes the cut. Just like with fashion, (because really, you don’t where boots and a big comfy sweater in July) there are certain books that are perfect for the season. Here are my must have summer books:

  1.  Beautiful Ruins. Lost romance, the Italian coast, and second chances. I think my favorite memory of this book was reading it in a hammock by the pool. This is a beautiful book that will transport you to the Mediterranean with its raw emotion and amazing imagery.
  2. The Mad Man’s Daughter  This retelling of the Island of Doctor Moreau, is creepy and suspenseful. Did I mention creepy? Because this book has a very creepy, in a neo Gothic sort of way. You know, the kind that makes you want to crawl under the covers with a flashlight and hope to God that the bump you heard was just the dog….
  3. Circling the Sun The story of one of the most misunderstood people of the 1920’s has this magnificent epic feel of a classic movie with its picturesque African landscape. I will admit, every time I hear the Taylor Swift song, “Wildest Dreams,” I think of this book. Plus, when it is over one hundred degrees outside you can just pretend you are in Kenya with the rest of the characters…it’s called immersion.
  4. In a Dark Dark Wood Every summer needs a page turning, up all night suspense filled thriller and this book has that in spades. Every summer there are books designated for the pool. I like to spend my afternoons reading and floating. So let me just say, I was a prune by the time I was ready to set this book down. It is just that suspenseful.
  5. Water for Elephants A beautiful romance perfect for getting swept away by the beach. This one was read during lazy weekend afternoons dreaming about running away with the circus.

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