Is it Summer Yet??

Summer in my house means lots of barbecues, adventures and this:


During the summer most of my weekends are spent floating in the pool with a book in my hands. As spring draws to a close and the husband and I do our major yard work (prepping for the season) I find myself getting anxious wanting the weather to be warmer and all of my time can be spent outside.

Part of my day dreaming for the summer is planning what I will be reading. Here are the books that have so far made it to my summer reading list:

  1. The Memory Painter. Every summer needs a good mystery. This is one I can’t wait to read. An intriguing mystery, time travel and an epic romance. Perfect for sitting by the pool.20150627_122351.jpg
  2. The Portable Veblen The entertaining story of a couple on the brink of having it all.
  3. At The Edge Of Summer A wistful romance set just after World War I? Yes please.
  4. Monterey Bay. Monterey is one of absolute favorite areas of California. I love everything about it and reading a story set there during 1940 sounds like heaven.
  5. Hot Milk There is just so much going on with this book that it’s hard to describe but I will break it down the important points for you: southern Spain, family drama, and a woman coming into her own.
  6. Reliance, Illinois. I have been itching to work this book into my reading schedule.
  7. The Last Runaway A story of a Quaker woman who gets caught up with the Underground Railroad.
  8. Sawbones. When Catherine Bennett runs to Colorado to escape a death sentence in New York she must try to blend in as doctor in this new rugged land.

Well, I better get reading! What books are on your summer reading list?





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