Audiobook Review: Z: A Novel Of Zelda Fitgerald



I have recently gotten into the world of audio books. They have been my saving grace in a ridiculously long commute.

The story was compelling. At seventeen years old the wild child Southern Belle, Zelda, meets the love of her life. A Yankee  by the name Scott Fitzgerald. What follows is an epic romance and lifetime of heart ache.

Z shows how powerful a first person point of view can be. We see the history through her eyes. I found myself loving F. Scot Fitzgerald one chapter and hating him the next. There were times where, as a writer, I could relate to some of the things that F. Scott Fitzgerald said. Which scared the living daylights out of me.

Her relationship with him was complicated. Zelda had her demons just as Scott had his. There were several times with in the story where it felt like they were just two bright suns that were drawn to each other and in turn they burnt themselves out.

The opposite also holds true for the first person perspective. Ernest Hemingway is forever ruined for me. I always knew he was a chauvinist, I just never realized how much of a sleazy one he was until I read this. That’s the power of a first person perspective if it’s done right.

Adding to my enjoyment of the book was the audio presentation. The narrator had a lovely southern accent that fit the debutante character of Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald. She didn’t attempt to over act the voices, she just changed the tone of her voice. Except for the little girl voice she did. That was a bit creepy.

Overall I recommend the book either via Audio or traditional book format.


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