I Swear I Didn’t Fall Off the Face of The Earth!

I have been a bit of a ghost lately but I sweat I have a good excuse! I actually finished draft one of my book Woman in Red. I clocked in with just under 82,000. My last month or so has been dedicated to finishing this up.

So now what’s next?

  1. Well I am editing my work which is just as tedious as it sounds.
  2. Nanowrimo.How convenient that i was able to finish just in time for the best literary event all year?
  3. Starting November 1st, I will be writing a new story. I don’t have a name for it yet but it will be centered around an Italian family in World War 2.
  4. Then once December rolls around I’ll get back to my editing.

I promise I will make more of a presence as time goes on, especially giving updates in my nanowrimo progression. because damn it, i’m going to win this year!


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