Writing Soundtrack

Earlier this week my friend Amanda over at Amanda’s Nose in a Book shared some of the music on her writing playlist. I am glad to know that I am not the only one with a writing playlist because I get slightly obsessive over it.

You see for me, I treat my playlist as if it’s the soundtrack to the movie that is playing in my head. It also helps me focus on my writing. Putting me in the mental mood to write the story, particularly on my long commute home. It helps me think about my plot. I take my time curating songs. For example, I have Us of Lesser Gods by Flogging Molly on my list. It’s one of the bands more powerful songs, here is just a taste of the lyrics:

Yesterday is better than it is today
And today will be better than tomorrow they say
We don’t want what you know
But we know what we want
That’s live and let live
We’re all different that counts

But those of us, those of us
Us of lesser gods
Won’t eat till we’re hungry
Won’t drink till we’re parched
But those of us, those of us
Who forget where we’re from
Create now this hell where no devil could spawn
Take me back, take me back To the way life used to be

I have also been obsessed with the Artist Elle King.

elle king

I heard her current hit Ex’s and Oh’s a few months back and did something i hadn’t done since I was a teenager, I pre ordered her album. Now half of the music in my playlist for Woman in Red is compiled from her album. My personal favorites are “America’s Sweetheart” and “Ain’t gonna drown.”

I’ve also been particularly fond of the X Ambassadors and their new hit Renegades

So, what music do you like on your playlists?


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