Feature Follow Friday #3

FF Friday

I got too caught up with the holiday to post last weekend I completely forgot to post my Feature and Follow Friday. Then today I nearly forgot. So this week I am doubling up on the question.

So, last week’s question:

What is your first reading memory?

This is why I wanted to double up the questions. My first reading memory is actually one that is very dear to me. When I was just a little tyke I was obsessed with Teddy Ruxpen. I listened to the stories so much that I would try to read them on my own based on what I remembered of the recordings. Well, my grandfather was bedridden with Alzheimers at the same time. So I would take my little wooden fold away chair into his room and read my books to him. And that, my friends, is my earliest reading memory.

And now this week’s question:

You can only eat one cuisine type for the rest of your life. Which cuisine would you choose?

My god this is a tough one! I am very much a foodie, there is very little food that I don’t eat. And when I say food I mean real food, I do my best to cut out all processed stuff. So, enough stalling. If I absolutely positively had to eat one and only cuisine for the rest of my life, I would choose Italian food. You can take away my freedom but for the love of God don’t you dare touch my carbs!

The goal Feature and Follow Friday is about finding new friends and blogs to link up with. It was created by Parajunkee and Alison can Read.


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