Feature and Follow Friday #2

FF Friday

This weeks feature and follow Friday question:

Is there a book you were required to read in high school that you actually loved?

From what i can remember three were two and they both came in the 10th grade. I had this very old surly teacher who still had Vietnam flashbacks in class (or so it was rumored) but he loved literature. It was a pure love, not just a hey we are going to read what the school mandates kind of b.s. You see up to this point it was books like Hatchet and call of the wild (once in jr high and again in high school)…which I hate. And of course in 9th grade we started with Romeo and Juliet which again did not appeal to me.

But in the 10th grade we started with to Kill a Mockingbird and my whole world changed. The best way do describe how I felt after that book would be to say that I went from eating fast food my whole life to eating five star James Beard award winning food. It was after reading this book that my love of literature grew from.

The other book was the one that created the Shakespeare Fangirl that I am today: Julius Cesar (go figure a girl who loves history would find her love of Shakespeare through that play). I think it was the way that Shakespeare told the story that put me right in that place and time. I still hold a special place in my heart for this play.

Even though I don’t remember that teacher’s name, he had a massive effect on my life today.So where there any books for you in high school that you were forced to read but ended up loving?

The goal Feature and Follow Friday is about finding new friends and blogs to link up with. It was created by Parajunkee and Alison can Read.


6 thoughts on “Feature and Follow Friday #2

  1. Reading your blogpost sounds os familiar with a teacher that inspired us to become the readers we are today. My blog is named after one such teacher.
    Great choices for your fav must reads.


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