Book Review: Secret Daughter of the Tsar

The Secret Daughter of the Tsar


Lena is a servant to the Romanov royal family in 1902 who becomes a trusted confidant to the Tsarina. Can she play the game of the upper class? Charlotte is a ballerina in Paris during the German occupation of World War II. She does what she can to avoid the German soldiers until they come knocking on her door with a keen interest in her and her son. Veronica is a modern day professor specializing in Russian history whose career is following apart. She meets a young man by the name of Michael causes her to dig deeper into a mystery about the tragic Romanov family. Veronica finds herself questioning who she can trust and if everything she has know is true.

My Thoughts:

The hallmark of a good historical fiction book is how much it gets you interested in actual history. I found myself at multiple times setting the book down so that I could google various aspects of the Romanov history. I fell in love with this book. The story is fast paced. The characters are very likable.

My favorite character was Veronica. Jennifer does an excellent job in creating her. The number one complaint about academic female characters is that they give up the their academic curiosities once a guy comes into their lives. Veronica is the opposite. When it comes to Michael’s past she is like a dog with a bone, to the point of being pushy which is very fitting for her character.

The stories of Veronica, Charlotte and Lena all weave together beautifully. As much as I wanted to slow down and enjoy the chapter I could wait to get to the next part of the story. I highly recommend this book. It’s a fun summertime ride.



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